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MAN Diesel & Turbo
Industry Manufacturing, automotive industry, Marine propulsion|marine engineering
Fate merged
Predecessor Burmeister & Wain
and MAN Turbo AG
Successor MAN Diesel & Turbo
Founded 2010
Headquarters Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany
Products Diesel and other engines, turbomachinery
Revenue 3,4 Mrd. EUR (2013)[1]
Number of employees
14,413 (2013)[1]
Parent MAN SE

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is a multinational company based in Augsburg, Germany that produces large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationary applications, as marine propulsion systems, power plant applications and turbochargers. The company was formed in 2010 from the merger of MAN Diesel and MAN Turbo AG.[2] MAN Diesel & Turbo is a subsidiary of the German multi-national MAN SE corporation.[3]

The Danish part of the company was formed out of the Burmeister & Wain ship building company, and the marketing name for the largest two-stroke engines still has "B&W" in it.

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE designs two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are manufactured both by the company and by its licensees. The engines have power outputs ranging from 450 kW to 87 MW. MAN Diesel & Turbo also designs and manufactures gas turbines of up to 50 MW, steam turbines of up to 150 MW and compressors with volume flows of up to 1.5 million m³/h and pressures of up to 1,000 bar. The product range is rounded off by turbochargers, CP propellers, gas engines and chemical reactors. MAN Diesel & Turbo’s range of goods includes complete marine propulsion systems, turbomachinery units for the oil & gas as well as the process industries and turnkey power plants. Customers receive worldwide after-sales services marketed under the "MAN PrimeServ" brand. The company employs around 14,413 staff (2013) at more than 100 international sites, primarily in Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, India and China. MAN Diesel & Turbo is a company of the Power Engineering business area of MAN SE.

MAN Diesel & Turbo view from Lueginslandbastion


Marine Engines[edit]

File:Schiffsmotor MAN.JPG
MAN marine engine

Two-Stroke engines are developed at the company’s base in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have a range of outputs from 2 MW to 87 MW. In view of their size, the engines are manufactured by international licensees in the immediate vicinity of dockyards, and propel large container vessels, freighters and oil tankers. Low-speed diesel engines do not require a transmission system because they are directly connected to the propellers by drive shafts.

MAN Diesel & Turbo also offers mediumspeed four-stroke engines that cover a performance range from 450 kW to 21,600 kW and can be operated using liquid or gaseous fuel. Medium-speed engines are deployed to propel all types of merchant vessels, but are also used in passenger ships thanks to their compact nature and their amenability to flexible mounting. As well as cruise liners, other areas of use for medium-speed engines include specialist vessels such as tugs, dredgers or cablelaying ships. Smaller medium-speed four-stroke engines are also used in high-speed ferries and naval vessels.
Please also see MAN B&W Nomenclature


MAN Diesel & Turbo builds exhaust gas turbochargers for high charging pressures with single-stage radial and axial turbines. The performance spectrum of these chargers, which are used both in two-stroke and four-stroke marine engines and in stationary systems, ranges from around 300 kW to 30,000 kW of engine power.

Power Plants[edit]

In the stationary sector MAN diesel engines are primarily used for power plants and emergency power supplies. MAN Diesel & Turbo products range from small emergency power generators to turnkey power plants with outputs of up to 400 MW. The range of stationary systems comprises four-stroke engines with a unit output of 450 kW to 21,600 kW and two-stroke engines for unit outputs of up to 80,000 kW. MAN diesel engines are operated using heavy fuel oil, diesel, gas or renewable fuels such as Jatropha oil, animal fat or recycled vegetable oils. Under the brand MAN PowerManagement MAN Diesel & Turbo supplies integrated solutions for the management,operation and maintenance of diesel power plants


MAN steam turbine

For the Process-Industry, the Fertilizer production, Iron and Steel production or Petrochemical applications MAN Diesel & Turbo develops and produces of compressors, as well as steam and gas turbines for power generation. Furthermore the company offers compression solutions for the oil- and gas industry (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream). This includes hermetically sealed compressors using magnetic bearings and high-pressure barrel compressors, with exit pressures from 300 to 1,000 bar. MAN Diesel & Turbo also produces Isothermal compressors for use in the production of Industrial Gases. These are supplied for industrial gas applications, as well as, for example, for handling CO2. Production Locations are based in Oberhausen, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich (Swiss) and Schio (Italy).

Chemical reactors and apparatus[edit]

In Deggendorf (Germany) MAN Diesel & Turbo produces Tubular Reactor Systems for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries and research organisations under the brand DWE® Reactors.


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