International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations

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International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
The Serving Shipmasters' International Voice
IFSMA Map of Member Associations
Headquarters of IFSMA Member Associations
Abbreviation IFSMA
Motto Unity for Safety at Sea
Formation 1974
Type International Professional Organisation
Purpose To be the Serving Shipmasters' International Voice
Headquarters 202 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JY, United Kingdom
Region served
16,000 Shipmasters (2015)
Official language
Secretary General
Captain Paul R Owen (acting)
Captain Hans Sande
Main organ
General Assembly
Affiliations International Maritime Organization, International Labour Organization

The International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations (IFSMA), is the international professional organisation that unites and represents the world's serving Shipmasters.

The IFSMA is primarily concerned with representing the interests of the serving Shipmasters in bodies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), The International Labour Organization (ILO) and other relevant, international and national organisations.

The purpose of IFSMA is to bring the Shipmasters' views on matters of marine safety, maritime security and protection of the marine environment to recognition at the required level and, at the same time, to forge a more exclusive and professional status for Shipmasters, one based upon their professional responsibility toward both shipowners and society.

The IFSMA is concerned about both international standards of professional competence for seafarers and international standards on conditions of work for seafarers.

The IFSMA is a federation with a policy to ensure safe operational practices, to prevent human injury, to protect the marine environment and to ensure the safety of life and property at sea.

The IFSMA headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom.

About IFSMA[edit]


The International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations (IFSMA) was formed by eight National Shipmasters' Associations and formally constituted on 1 January 1974, in Rotterdam [1] with the aim to unite the world's serving Shipmasters into a single non-profit making international professional organisation.[2]

The IFSMA office was moved to London in 1983 for close proximity to the London headquarters of the United Nations (UN) International Maritime Organization (IMO) at which IFSMA had been granted consultative status in 1975, only one year after IFSMAs inauguration. This consultative status as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) enables IFSMA to represent the views and protect the interests of the serving Shipmasters unfettered and unfiltered either by national governments or by shipping companies.

In February 1993, IFSMA was placed on the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Special List of Non-Governmental International Organisations.

In the beginning of 2011, IFSMA started the MasterMarinerBenefitProgram™ a specialized benefit program for all serving Shipmasters, who are either a member of one of the IFSMA Member Associations or an IFSMA Individual Member.

In 2014, over 16,000 Shipmasters from almost 60 different countries are affiliated to IFSMA, either through their National Associations or as Individual Members.

IFSMA Founding Associations[edit]

IFSMA, the International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations was founded in 1974 by the following eight National Shipmasters' Associations:[3]

  • Association Nationale des Officiers et Marine du Commerce, Le Maillon, Paris, France
  • Collegio Nazionale Patentati Capitani L.C. e D.M., Genova, Italy
  • The Irish Institute of Master Mariners, Dublin, Ireland
  • Koninklijk Belgisch Zeemannscollege, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Kapiteins ter Koopvaardij, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Norges Skibsforerforbund, Oslo, Norway
  • The Society of Master Mariners South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Verband Deutscher Kapitäne und Schiffsoffiziere, Hamburg, Germany

IFSMA Presidents[edit]

President Period Country of Origin [4]
Captain Ragnar Grønsand 1974 - 1986 23x15px Norway
Captain Gerhard Goldberg 1986 - 1994 23x15px Germany
Captain Hiroshi Kawashima 1994 - 1998 23x15px Japan
Captain Christer Lindvall 1998 - 2014 23x15px Sweden
Captain Hans Sande 2014–Present 23x15px Norway

IFSMA Secretaries General[edit]

Secretary General Period Country of Origin [5]
Captain F. P. A. Jamin 01/1974 - 04/1974 23x15px Netherlands
Captain Walter B. Vickers, CBE 04/1974 - 11/1974 23x15px United Kingdom
Commodore William E. Warwick, CBE 11/1974 - 11/1975 23x15px United Kingdom
Commander Basil D. H. Thomson 11/1975 - 07/1976 23x15px United Kingdom
Captain Nic W. C. Rutherford 1981 - 1991 23x15px United Kingdom
Captain David S. P. Moore 1991 - 1993 23x15px United Kingdom
Captain Roger Clipsham 1993 - 2001 23x15px United Kingdom
Captain Rodger M. MacDonald 2001 - 2012 23x15px United Kingdom
Captain John W. Dickie 2012 - 2015 23x15px United Kingdom
Captain Paul R. Owen (acting) 2015 - 2016 23x15px United Kingdom
Commodore Jim Scorer 2016 - present 23x15px United Kingdom





MasterMarinerProtect forms part of the recently introduced IFSMA MasterMarinerBenefitProgram™ and is a special defence and legal cost program tailor-made for masters of ocean-going vessels. Initiated by IFSMA and Zeller Associates Management Services (ZAM) MasterMarinerProtect is only available for members of one of the IFSMA National Member Associations or for IFSMA Individual Members.
Operated by experienced captains and lawyers understanding the Shipmasters language as well as the business Shipmasters are in, MasterMarinerProtect will protect with its specialized criminal and maritime lawyers the Shipmasters interests right from the first moment.
MasterMarinerProtect is fully backed by the well known and leading international marine insurance market Lloyd‘s of London.

MasterMarinerProtect provides for:


IFSMA Member Associations[edit]

Country Association Acronym Joint
23x15px Argentina Centro de Capitanes de Ultramar y Oficiales de la Marina Mercante CCUMM 1980
23x15px Australia Company of Master Mariners of Australia CMMA 2009
23x15px Belgium Koninklijk Belgisch Zeemanscollege KBZ 1974
23x15px Brazil Sindicato Nacional dos Oficiais da Marinha Mercante SINDMAR 2008
23x15px Bulgaria Bulgarian Shipmasters' Association BSMA 1994
23x15px Canada Company of Master Mariners of Canada CMMC 2007
23x15px Chile Capitanes de Alta Mar de la Marina Mercante Nacional NAUTILUS 2006
23x15px Denmark Danish Maritime Officers DMO 1984
23x15px Faroe Islands Føroya Skipara- og Navigatørfelag FSN 2008
23x15px Finland Finish Ships Officers Union FSOU 1996
23x15px France Association des Capitaines et Officiers de la Marine Marchande ACOMM 1975
23x15px France Association Francaise des Capitaines de Navires AFCAN 1979
23x15px Germany Verband Deutscher Kapitäne und Schiffsoffiziere VDKS 1974
23x15px Hong Kong Anglo Eastern Ship Management AESM 1999
23x15px India Company of MasterMariners of India CMMI 2008
23x15px Indonesia Kesatuan Pelaut Indonesia Perjuangan KPIP 2016
23x15px Ireland Irish Institute of Master Mariners IIMM 1974
23x15px Japan Japan Captains Association JCA 2008
23x15px Latvia Latvian Shipmasters' Association LSMA 2004
23x15px Netherlands Nautilus International NAUTILUS NL 2006
23x15px Netherlands Nederlandse Vereniging van Kapiteins ter Koopvaardij NVKK 1974
23x15px Nigeria Nigerian Association of Master Mariners NAMM 2009
23x15px Norway Norwegian Maritime Officers Association NMOA 1974
23x15px Pakistan Master Mariners Society of Pakistan MMSP 2010
23x15px Philippines Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines AMOSUP 2006
23x15px Philippines Society of Filipino Ship Captains FILSCAPTS 2010
23x15px Russia Far Eastern Shipmasters' Association FESMA 1990
23x15px Russia Murmansk Shipmasters' Association MSMA 1989
23x15px Singapore Singapore Maritime Officers' Union SMOU 2012
23x15px South Africa Society of Master Mariners South Africa SOMMSA 1974
23x15px Spain Asociacion Vizcaina de Capitanes de la Marina Mercante AVCMM 1976
23x15px Sweden Maritime Officers`Association MOA 1985
23x15px Turkey Turkish Overseas Captains' Association TOCA 2013
23x15px Ukraine Odessa Shipmasters' Association OSMA 1989
23x15px United Kingdom Nautilus International NAUTILUS UK 2006
23x15px United States of America Council of American Master Mariners CAMM 1992

IFSMA Honorary Members[edit]

Name Country of Origin Position Elected
Captain Willem F. J. Mörzer Bruyns, Sr. 23x15px Netherlands First Vice President, IFSMA 1982 1996
H.E. Dr. Chandrika Prasad Srivastava, KCMG 23x15px India Secretary-General Emeritus, The International Maritime Organization 1985 2013
Commodore William E. Warwick, CBE 23x15px United Kingdom Secretary General (retired), IFSMA 1992 1999
Captain Nic W. C. Rutherford 23x15px United Kingdom Secretary General (retired), IFSMA 1992 2012
H.E. Mr. William A. O'Neil 23x15px Canada Secretary-General Emeritus, The International Maritime Organization 1993
Captain Henrik Sem 23x15px Norway IFSMA Representative to IMO 1993 2008
Captain Gerhard Goldberg 23x15px Germany President Emeritus, IFSMA 1995 2007
Captain Genji Yoshinaga 23x15px Japan Former Liaison Officer of JCA to IFSMA 1997 2014
Captain Anna I. Schetinina 23x15px Russia World's first Female Shipmaster in the Merchant Navy 1998 1999
Captain Hiroshi Kawashima 23x15px Japan President Emeritus, IFSMA 1998 2012
Captain Roger Clipsham 23x15px United Kingdom Secretary General (retired), IFSMA 2002 2014
H.E. Admiral Efthimios E. Mitropoulos 23x15px Greece Secretary-General Emeritus, The International Maritime Organization 2004
Mr. C. Julian Parker, OBE 23x15px United Kingdom Inaugural Secretary (retired), The Nautical Institute 2009
Mr. Michael Grey, MBE 23x15px United Kingdom Editor (retired), Lloyd's List 2009
H.E. Mr. Koji Sekimizu 23x15px Japan Secretary-General Emeritus, The International Maritime Organization 2012
Captain Rodger M. MacDonald 23x15px United Kingdom Secretary General (retired), IFSMA 2012
Captain Christer Lindvall 23x15px Sweden President Emeritus, IFSMA 2014
Captain Bjorn Haave 23x15px Norway IFSMA Representative to IMO 2014

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