Holidays with Pay (Sea) Convention, 1936

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Holidays with Pay (Sea) Convention, 1936
ILO Convention
Date of adoption November 24, 1936
Date in force none
Classification Conditions of Work
Subject Seafarers
Previous Officers' Competency Certificates Convention, 1936
Next Shipowners' Liability (Sick and Injured Seamen) Convention, 1936

Holidays with Pay (Sea) Convention, 1936 is an International Labour Organization Convention. It never came into force.

It was established in 1936, with the preamble stating:

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to holidays with pay for seamen,...


The principles contained in the convention were revised in by ILO Convention C72, Paid Vacations (Seafarers) Convention, 1946.


The convention did not receive enough ratifications to be brought into force.

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