Grimaldi Group

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Grimaldi Group
Genre Shipping
Founded 1947[1]
Founder Guido, Luigi, Mario, Aldo and Ugo Grimaldi
Headquarters Naples, Italy
Key people
Gianluca Grimaldi
Emanuele Grimaldi
Diego Pacela[2]
Services Shipping
Subsidiaries Finnlines
Minoan Lines
Grimaldi Lines
Grimaldi Suardiaz Lines
Grimaldi Lines ship Grande Europa heading for Setúbal
Grimaldi Lines ferry Eurocargo Bari on the river Elbe

The Grimaldi Group is a private shipping company owned by Guido Grimaldi and based in Naples, Italy. Grimaldi operates a large fleet of ro-ro vessels.


The Grimaldi Group is a conglomerate of companies linked to the logistics business with a main-focus on shipping. The main brands of the company are:[3]

Grimaldi Lines[edit]

This is the main shipping company within the group. The Grimaldi family has had links to shipping for many generations. According to their own records, the oldest written records linking the Grimaldi family to shipping dates back to 1348, when three Grimaldi brothers received a precious relic as a guarantee for the chartering of three ships[4]

The current Grimaldi companies can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century, when Italian shipowner Gioacchino Lauro started a steamboat company. His son Achille expanded that shipping company and, in the middle of the 20th century, it became one of the largest shipping companies in the world. At that time, Giovanni Grimaldi was a lawyer who was married to the sister of above Achille Lauro. Amelia Grimaldi-Lauro asked her brother Achillo to take her son Guido under his wings, and this brought the Grimaldi family back into the shipping business. It was this son, Guido, who founded the group in 1947 with his brothers Luigi, Mario, Aldo and Ugo by buying a Liberty ship.

Ferry operations[edit]

Grimaldi Lines operate ferry-lines with routes in the Mediterranean. They have routes to Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta and Italy. Under the Grimaldi Lines brand they operate six ro-ro ferries. The ships in the Grimaldi Lines fleet vary in size and design, with the larger ferries being able to carry up to 2200 passengers and a cruise-speed of 22.5 knots


For cargo the company uses their passenger cruise ferry class ships, dedicated truck ferries and also container/ro-ro ships. Grimaldi has a fleet of special car carriers. Grimaldi has 32 dedicated car + container ships and another 5 Atlantic class ships.[5]

One of these car-carriers, the Republica de Argentina ran aground in the Western Scheldt between the North Sea and the port of Antwerp on 7 October 2011 but was pulled back afloat at the next high tide[6]

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