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Euro Marine Logistics NV
Public Anonymous Venture (N.V.)
Industry RO/RO Shipping
Predecessor Euro Marine Carrier B.V.
Founded 2011 Euro Marine Logistics
1990 Euro Marine Carrier
Headquarters Brusselsesteenweg 58 B 1860 Brussel (Meise), Belgium
Number of locations
27 offices/agencies in 17 countries
Area served
Mediterranean Sea
North sea
Baltic Sea
Key people
Marc Pauwels MD of EML
Parent Mitsui OSK Lines
Hoegh Autoliners

Euro Marine Logistics NV or EML is a European short sea shipping and logistics company headquartered in Brussels (Meise), Belgium. It is specialized in the transportation of finished vehicles and other RO/RO project cargo.


In 1990 Euro Marine Carrier B.V.(EMC), specializing in short-distance sea transportation within Europe, is established in Amsterdam, Netherlands. EMC is a privately owned shipping company with three owners: Nissan Motor Car Carrier (51%), Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (24,5%) and Höegh Autoliners (24,5%).

In 2011 EMC BV transferred its fleet to EML NV after changes of owner shares. The new company acting in the short sea is now named Euro Marine Logistics NV and is based at Brussel (Meise), Belgium. EML NV is a joint venture project between Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Hoegh Autoliners.[1]

Key Figures[edit]

EML operates a fleet of 15 ships with capacity of 33 000 CEU on 6 shipping routes.[2] With a diversified fleet, EML serves 27 commercial ports in 17 different countries. The company operates on Mediterranean Sea, North sea and Baltic Sea. Through this presence and its effective policy like the combination of small, medium and large vessels, the company transport a volume of 950,000 CEU (estimated 2015) each year.[3]


Short sea shipping is, as of today, the most ecological means of transportation and offering cheaper services than other means.[4] As a leading short sea shipping in Europe and serving the SECA areas of the North sea and Baltic Sea, EML has committed to reduce its emissions (SOx, NOx…) in order to limit the impact of its activity on climate change. In order to reach this objective, EML is using an ultra low sulfur fuel and is part of the Trident Alliance.


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