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DMAX of Moraine, Ohio, is a manufacturer of diesel engines for trucks. DMAX, originally announced in December 1998, is a joint venture between and operated by General Motors and Isuzu. The company's Duramax V8 engine has been extremely successful[clarification needed] for GM.

The DMAX plant was built on a land grant site adjacent to a GM plant that made the 6.2/6.5 L 6.2 L Diesel V8. Production of that engine began in 1982.


  • Circle L engine – 1.7 L I4 (produced at Isuzu Motors Polska)
  • DMAX V6 engine – 3.0 L V6 (produced in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan)
  • Duramax V8 engine – 6.6 L V8 (produced at DMAX)


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