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Blackstone & Co Ltd
Industry Agricultural engineering, diesel engines
Fate Sold to MAN SE
Successor Mirrlees Blackstone
Founded January 29, 1889 (1889-01-29)
Founder Edward Blackstone
Headquarters Rutland Works, Stamford, Lincolnshire
Products Diesel engines
Parent Lister
Hawker Siddeley
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Blackstone & Co. was a farm implement maker at Stamford, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.


Edward Blackstone was born in 1851.[1] In 1877 he became a partner in Jeffery and Blackstone[2] This company became the limited company Blackstone & Co on 29 January 1889.

Diesel engines[edit]

In 1896 they built lamp start oil engines. By 1912 they had developed a new internal combustion engine that ran on vaporising oil and was fired by a spark. It did not need a hot bulb like most engines of the time. By 1919 they had mounted a 25 hp 3 cylinder version in a crawler tractor, which they built till 1925.

By 1929 they were building diesel engines for the Agricultural & General Engineers (AGE) group. Richard Garrett & Sons assembled some of these tractors. They were similar to an International 15/30. AGE collapsed in 1932.


File:Lister-Blackstone sign and engines IMG 2666.JPG
Lister Blackstone sign at the Anson Engine Museum with collection of engines

After the collapse of AGE, Blackstone & Co. continued as an engine builder and was taken over by R A Lister and Company in 1937 to form Lister Blackstone.[3]

Hawker Siddeley[edit]

R A Lister & Company was taken over by the Hawker Siddeley Group in 1965 and, in a later re-organisation, Lister became Lister Petter and Blackstone became Mirrlees Blackstone.


Mirrlees Blackstone were bought by MAN Diesel, along with the diesel businesses of the collapsed GEC, although little remains. The Stockport factory has been partly demolished and replaced with a new office and warehouse facility which still serves the aftermarket for spares and servicing of Lister Blackstone engines under the MAN Diesel & Turbo tagline. The Blackstone name lives on with the Blackstones F.C..


  • Marine diesel engines
  • Shells during First World War

See also[edit]

  • Examples of Blackstone engines can be seen at the Anson Engine Museum near Manchester.
  • An engine could be seen at the former Stamford Museum in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The museum also held an archive relating to the company.
  • BBC History of the World in 100 objects included a Blackstone Oil Engine [4]


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